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Use for: Emotional pain, loss, grief, sadness, sorrow

Good for: Understanding, acceptance, optimism


There are times in life when we loose the people we love, or life changes and we are left trying to cope and put our life back together.  Yet your responsibilities continue, your business, your staff, customers and contacts, planning and organization still need your complete attention.  It can seem as if there is no time or chance to grieve.  This flower essence blend is incredible for assisting a person move gently through the grief process in ways they need to.  I have seen so many people benefit from this blend of flower essences.


An emotionally comforting flower essence blend for support during times of bereavement, grief or loss. Supports you to come to terms with the past and stepping forward onto the next phase. Use when experiencing difficult heart-felt emotions and sadness or when suffering from emotional pain.

Grief Support - Care and Comfort

  • Grief Support© provides natural support when you are experiencing any of the following:

    • Going through the grief process
    • Coming to terms with loss or painful emotional experiences
    • Having limited support during times of loss
    • Feeling isolated, defeated, abandoned, rejected or betrayed
    • Living in the past or replaying an emotionally painful event
    • Suffering from guilt, regret, aloneness or emptiness during emotionally challenging times
    • Closing off from others