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Accountings solutions for small business in auckland new zealand

Epiphany Accounting Solutions

Welcome to Epiphany Accounting Solutions Ltd, home of expert small business accounting and bookkeeping services designed to support you in all your accounting, bookkeeping and systems needs

At Epiphany Accounting Solutions we know the value great accounting and bookkeeping brings to the financial wellbeing of a business. We strive to provide this to our clients consistently, all the time.

It is our commitment to provide you with the services you need to create a solid stable business that can withstand the ups and downs of business cycles. Importantly be able to pass an IRD audit with ease and receive the accounting information you need to plan, grow and measure your business. 


Great Bookkeeping

Great bookkeeping is literally one of the foundations of a solid business. Without this problems arise. What would happen to your business if you were audited by the IRD? Very few of the business accounts I have seen would pass, for many the outcomes would be devastating.

Epiphany accounting solutions in new zealand auckland

Not having solid bookkeeping with a central storing of all original documentation is literally like playing Russian roulette with something you have given your blood sweat and tears to create, build and grow.  


A business is required to keep all their records and account for all their business activities correctly. A good bookkeeping system does exactly that. Imagine all your receipts attached to Xero, correct accounting and tax treatment applied to every transaction throughout the year, making end of year accounts preparation a breeze.  When done well, you can expect a big green tick if audited.  Your business is worth protecting.


Great Accounting 

Is like the framework of a house.  With great bookkeeping and accurate records your business financial information is build up into meaningful reports that let you know how you are doing, what revenue streams are profitable and what is making a loss. Good reporting highlights what needs attention going forward.  


In addition, with well thought out budgets and cash flow forecasting growing your business successfully becomes measureable and more achievable.


Annual Business Plan Sessions

There is an increasing important movement in the small business world of business owners wanting to combine personal development as a business owner with business growth, value added products and services and increasing profits.  


This is not for everyone. Some people are very happy with where they are and their business profits.  For these people business development sessions are not needed.  However for others, there is a real hunger to move beyond the limitations that show up year in year out like ground hog day.


One powerful way to achieve these yearning for growth and development is to engage in annual business planning sessions, combined with monthly or quarterly business coaching that is anchored in measurable action plans.  Ultimately bringing increased profit, opening up areas of growth for the business, and improved work/life balance and wellbeing for the business owner.


Book a Business Planning Session,  with monthly or quarterly coaching with Kim Ahrens, owner of Epiphany Accounting Solutions to harness the potential to grow your business, break through your limitations and bring your vision to life into reality. 

ICNZB Certified Bookkeeper R - Black_202

Kim Ahrens

Kim Ahrens brings many years and a wealth of experience in all areas of accounting to her clients.


Kim has a love of New Zealand small business and genuine appreciation for the challenges that face small business owners.


With years training in a variety of coaching and personal development modalities plus time spent as a New Zealand Business Mentor Kim has a depth of perception and awareness that she brings to all her accounting clients in a friendly open and professional manner.


Kim has worked extensively for many years as a management accountant in the printing, telecommunication, television, non-profit and other industries, with medium and large private companies, and large public companies, large joint venture start-ups, at times leading a large team of staff. Added to this, Kim brings her own experience of  running her own small business.


Kim worked for a number of years as a Film and Television Production Accountant in London for BBC Drama Department Ghost Series, BBC Entertainment for two series and Christmas special of Jonathan Creek, Action Time and Sky Television live television magazine television show “1 to 3”, Carlton Television as part of their Thames Film Acquisition Team.  New Zealand programmes include George Andrews Productions and Maori Television Kia Ora Series.


As a Film and Production Accountant Kim developed her own accounting/reporting systems to work to support the immediate real-time daily/weekly forecasting/accounting needs that is unique to the film industry.  In her contribution to this industry Kim gained the respect of some of the leading producers and heads of department for the BBC along with the film crews she worked closely with.

Annual Business Development Sessions

At some point I found my two great loves combining.  Accounting for small businesses and personal development focusing on the growth of small business owners as they met and overcome an endless array of challenges. From the combination of these two passions I have developed a series of coaching/development and business planning sessions to met the growing needs of small business owners who are wanting to break through their own glass ceilings and build better sustainable invocative businesses while supporting their own personal wellbeing and work life balance.


“Business goes where I go, stops where I stop.”

Business Foundations.

For business to survive and thrive with the ups and downs of economic change and challenges requires solid business practice, foundations and structures.  Reliable, consistent intelligent business accounting and bookkeeping is pivotal to this solid foundation.


Epiphany leads to inspiration and innovation.  That moment of epiphany when it feels as if a light went off inside your mind and suddenly this inspired idea emerges is so powerful.  It is these types of moments that when successfully implemented create unique successful businesses.  Yet they are far more likely to be implemented when the business has a solid stable base of best business practice and solid monthly accounting systems in place to support these new ideas.

Xero Account Sorftare service in auckland

Xero Accounting Software – virtual solutions


We work primarily with the innovative and user friendly Xero accounting software along with virtual zoom meetings to save our clients time and money.

Xero accounting software enables reliable user-friendly accounting with incredible opportunities to work together on accounting solutions in real time and virtually, saving time and money while giving you up-to-date information. Managing your finances has never been easier, more efficient and timely. Accounting online with Xero means bills and receipts are easy to capture and get stored automatically for paperless record keeping.

Run your business from anywhere with the mobile accounting app. It’s easy to reconcile, manage files, access contacts, send quotes and invoices. Xero’s online accounting software means you can set up office wherever you want.

Every business is unique

To receive a quote or discuss what we can do for you please contact us:

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