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Sometimes life can be really challenging, yet as a business owner you still have to step up and be your best.

Book a session with Kim Ahrens.


Re-gain business clarity, insight and understanding to focus on your on unique objectives and vision. Ensure you are working towards what you want to achieve in your business with new awareness and clarity.


With the stress and busyness of everyday business life, and your mind full of to-do-lists it is easy to loss sight of your business objectives and vision.  Family and friends help as much as they can but we all need outside assistance at times. Spending time focusing on your own unique vision, goals and challenges is empowering.


I draw from my extensive management accounting experience, comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of business, understanding of your business, you working style, business mentoring, extensive training in the human potential field and coaching to assist you to gain clarity around what is important for you in your business.

I know you will find this time rewarding and beneficial. It may even be something you want to continue on a regular basis as part of your business process.


Book a one off or on-going sessions to stay focused

$250 plus GST per Session


Jan Malone
Action Web Design Ltd

"I have really appreciated the probing questions and the skill exercised by Kim in assisting me to develop and act on a business strategy. Kim appreciates the difficulties inherent in running a small business from home, yet always challenges me to think from a different perspective and to understand the customer’s needs. It is wonderful to bounce ideas off such a responsive and thought-provoking mentor.

She always leaves me with a surge of enthusiasm and a bundle of new alternatives to try for my business. Thank you Kim!”

Amy and Nic Stott
Stott and Co Ltd

We have worked with Kim from Epiphany Accounting Solutions for a number of years and are hugely appreciative of her help and expertise when it comes to our small boutique arborist business.  We find Kim approachable and we never feel silly about asking questions.  If there has ever been a time when she wasn't 100% on something, she investigates and comes back to us with findings and her opinion.

Recently we have had a budgeting session with Kim as we are looking to expand our business and the benefits of being able to meet together and discuss the options for the business helps open our eyes and minds.  Her approach is reassuring and that gives us confidence to move forward with our business having her on our team.

Mary Ashby Green

“Kim’s intention in coaching me was for me to “fall in love with my business” and I was captivated by that. It told me that Kim absolutely understood the struggles I was having in my business, and how I was to find a path that would lead me to taking charge of all aspects of my business. She has helped me sort out my marketing, and she not only  pinpointed where I was sabotaging myself, she used her wonderful skills to help clear those blocks. I am creating more business and earning more since I began working with her and I am always very happy to recommend her to others.”

Peter Roberts

“Thank you Kim for the Business Development Coaching, for making one of times, for everything to fall into place. The coaching was often challenging to my thought processes, whilst uncomfortable at times, this created personal growth and hunger for more self development.  Thank you for opening my eyes to such great opportunities I have and changing the way I treat my business from hobby to serious profitable driven business.”


As I allowed this process I stepped into a creative flow and watched support stream toward me in terms of ideas, resources and contacts. I now feel enthusiastic, inspired, creative and empowered. I experienced one step forward opening the doorway to the next step.  This is exciting! I see potentials and possibilities where before I saw obstacles!”

Some amazing products that I highly recommend when the going gets tough

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