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Celebrating my Success – Giving - The 2nd Winner is………….

I know this is going to become the highlight of my year - celebrating the successful completion of an annual cycle of business and what fun to choose the 3 charities.

The second charity to receive 1% of sales from Epiphany Accounting Solutions Ltd donation is…………..

The World Wild Life Fund - NZ - We desperately need and depend on organisations like this to protect our living planet and bring about change.

Their Mission Statement “We work to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment, by conserving the world’s biodiversity, ensuring the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.”

This mighty charity needs all the resources it can get to support all the incredible people on the ground doing the work. They are out there fighting for change, standing up to injustice. They challenge the devastation that self interested, self-focused large corporations inflict on the environment and wildlife all around the world.

They need huge resources to have a huge booming voice that can get heard above the roaring noise of corporation’s cha-ching of multi-million dollar cash registers.

The World Wild Life Fund is out there in the middle of the Amazon, in the pits and mines, in the waterways, the oceans, in the deserts of nature, and in the halls of governments opposing destructive actions.

They are the mighty warriors who use action prevent, and the power of words negotiating alternatives, raising awareness to protect what is left of our natural world. They help to change the hearts and minds of people all over the world as they seek to protect through education about the world's wildlife.

This agency needs all the resources they can get as the rapid pace of destruction marches on.

I am delighted and proud to give my second 1% of sales to The World Wild Life Fund.

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