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Celebrating Success by GIVING - Epiphany Accounting Solutions is the proud sponsor of LOVE SOUP

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Celebrating my success by giving

I am so excited to finally be implementing a plan put in place over a year ago. (Make sure to read the email response at the bottom of this post)

Last year during lock-down I decided I wanted my company to contribute to the greater good somehow. I wanted my success to make a difference and touch the lives of others. An epiphany later I decided to do focused giving through my company Epiphany Accounting Solutions Ltd based on a percentage of sales.

I give a percentage to 3 charities. It is fun to stop and celebrate my success knowing that others benefit.

My framework for this is:

· 1% of sales to people in need

· 1% of sales to our environment,

· 1% of sales to our Wildlife.

At least one must be a New Zealand focused charity, one global and one wherever the need seems greatest at the time. I will continue this each year.

Tax Deductible Giving

AND for every dollar that my company gives to a registered NZ Charity – the government kindly donates back to me a tax refund on the amount given. A win-win-win.

After much research I have chosen the following organisation (the remaining 2 to be revealed over the next two weeks)


LOVE SOUP– An NZ based charity that specialises in a Food Rescue Program that redistributes good food that would otherwise go to waste. They Collect, Sort & Distribute good food to assist communities around the North Island delivering to organisations such as food banks that help people in need. As well as providing Free Community Meals. It's wonderful to see more happening in the food rescue sector, recently AFRA Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance was formed with 24 Organisations around NZ working together. What a great project to support. I am so impressed with how smart this Love Soup concept is.

· Rescue and redistribute food –

· Stopping the waste –

· Support food banks –

· Supply community meals.

AND HOW COOL IS THIS EMAIL – with kind permission of Julie I share the email I received from LOVE SOUP

Dear Kim

We are delighted to get notification of your financial support ,

Thank you very Much!!

We would love to promote your business or is there anything we can share, we would love to also include your logo on our sponsorship page.

Please let me know if like receipt or can do end of tax year which ever works best for you. Thank you again, very much appreciated, especially a first for us. We are making 500 lunches a week with food rescue. Feeding kids this will help alot with this project we have taken on. Also 2 Kitchens opened this month - Kawaii Pura Pura weekly a vegetarian meal, and once a Month at St Chads. all with Food Rescue ❤ and the generosity you share making it possible

Kind regards Julie

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