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Great bookkeeping is the cornerstone of business success

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Epiphany Accounting Solutions.

Where your business matters - your financial and business success is at the heart of our business.


We pride ourselves on providing easy to understand, timely, reliable and accurate monthly accounting and bookkeeping services you can trust.


We take on the bookkeeping drudgery, accounting and reporting


So you can get on with business.

Full monthly small business accounting/bookkeeping services

What we do

We provide a full range of monthly accounting and bookkeeping services that are time efficient, cost effective and seamless to support your business.


At the heart of all our services is the commitment to supporting your business success by providing consistent, reliable, up-to-date and understandable monthly accounts. Along with additional insights as needed to support you to successfully manage and grow your business.  

Additional services

Xero software set-up

Xero payroll set-up

Xero apps advisory

Data migration to new Xero software

Year end accounts

Core monthly services


Bank reconciliation

Debtor reconciliation

Debt Collection

Accounts Payable

Journal entries

Fixed Asset Register

GST and FBT Returns


Weekly, forthrightly, monthly payroll

IRD Payday filing

Specializing in small businesses

We strive to make it easier for small businesses and sole traders to met their accounting needs by providing a combination of services

Monthly bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is essentially

dealing with the day-to-day

nitty gritty financial data entries in your accounting software system.

Applying best practice standards keeps all your accounts up-to-date, reconciled and balanced so you are always current.


This is carried out daily, weekly or monthly according to your business needs, data volumes

and types of activity.​

Management and financial accounting is only as good as the bookkeeping that they build upon.

Management Accounting

Working with current monthly

data, reporting business performance across many areas

of activity to measure profitability.

An expertly designed chart of accounts future proofs your accounting system and maximizes the information available for reporting. 


Management reporting, budgeting, forecasting and Key Performance Indicators are valuable tools that can enhance the management of your business. ​

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting also called Compliance Accounting is 

historical data focused and provides a high level overview 

of your companies financial position. 


Annual reporting provides

statuary information about your 

companies financial position, 

performance, and tax obligations that comply with the appropriate reporting standards of the IRD. 

Other institutions may require 

Special Purpose Financial Reports to more clearly define 

your financial position, cashflow, 

performance and equity.

Epiphany Accounting Solutions services in auckland

Your business matters

At Epiphany Accounting Solutions we don’t just enter your data and give you reports.

We appreciate that your business is important. We take the time to know your business, challenges and goals.  We understand the hard work, long hours, dedication and commitment it takes create a successful business, especially in challenging times.  In return, we go the extra mile as well, to ensure our clients receive all the bookkeeping and accounting support they need, when they need it.  


This gives you the assurance and confidence you need, knowing your bookkeeping-accounting service is working for you.

Adding value

Working with a bookkeeping service that you trust impeccably to alert you to areas of concern and keep you well informed in easy to understand language about your business accounts, makes all the difference to long term business health and success. This adds genuine value to your business while saving you time and money.

Accounting services for small business in auckland new zealand

Saving you time, money and stress

Like many business owners you may find the endless paperwork boring, repetitive and time consuming.  It is easy to become overwhelmed and burdened by all the responsibilities, and stress from racing to catch up. 


The fastest, most reliable, consistent and efficient way to reduce your workload and stress is to work with a value added independent bookkeeping service you trust. We are cost effective, objective and focused on financial and systems efficiencies. This brings measurable value to your business and you the business owner.


Epiphany Accounting Solutions does the boring stuff, leaving you with peace of mind, time and energy you need to focus on what really matters, your business.  Time to spend on increasing sales; improving marketing, managing operations, staff, and work-life balance.

A dynamic tool


With the use of cloud based accounting software systems and the right apps for your business, we can work dynamically, in real time, with a right now management accounting focus towards our clients accounts.  This changes the way monthly accounting can be used as a business tool. This is a shift in focus from historical information data gathering to a dynamic accounting tool, with integrated efficiencies providing up-to-date information for business owners.

Technical expertise - Xero set-up


At EAS we can quickly and easily get you up and running with your own Xero Accounting Software Package that best suits your business needs. You do not need to be a bookkeeping client for this service. As a Xero Partner we can offer smaller Xero options such as General Ledger, non GST Cashbook and GST Cashbook (highly recommended for sole traders) at incredible prices. To find out more check out our prices page.  

For companies with more complex operations EAS works with a specialist technical software advisor who is able to recommend, install and train you with the best cloud based applications to integrate with Xero Software.  They are able to create amazing solutions that save time, money and make a huge difference to business efficeny.  

Making the shift

Whether you are looking to change your bookkeeping service to one that provides greater value or ready to start outsourcing your monthly accounting, contact us. We will discuss your individual business needs and create the best package for you.

What makes us the best

Management Reports services in auckland

Management Reports

Profit and loss, balance sheet, budgeting, forecasting, cash flow forecasting and KPI's.

Accounting support services in auckland new zealand

Accounting Support

Xero subscription, support for accounting questions and Xero support.

Business accounts mistake clean-up service in auckland

Mistake Clean-up

All too often business accounts can get in a mess.  We are happy to clean these up for you so that you are in a great place to move forward.

Proffesional accounting services in auckland new zealand

Professional Service

At EAS we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and professional service that you can rely on, with your business success at the forefront of our focus.

Experienced accounting services in auckland new zealand

Industry Experience

At EAS you will find a wealth of accounting experience from many years of working across a number of industries. 

Specialist Small Film and Television Accounting Services

Specialist Small Film and Television Accounting Services

Looking for specialized film and television forecasting, budgeting and accounting services? Contact us to discuss.

Business Clarity Sessions in Auckland

Business Clarity Sessions

Separate one-hour business clarity sessions available to help you get back on track with your business goals and focus. We all need support at times.

Remote working accounting services in new zealand

Remote Working

Enjoy the benefits of working remotely with EAS while having shared up-to-date access to cloud based Xero Accounting Software. 

Xero Accounting solution services in auckland new zealand

Xero Accounting Software – Virtual solutions


We work primarily with the innovative and user friendly Xero accounting software along with virtual zoom meetings to save our clients time and money.

Zero accounting system enables reliable user-friendly accounting with incredible opportunities to work together on accounting solutions in real time and virtually. Saving you time and money while giving you up-to-date information.


Managing your finances has never been easier, more efficient and timely. Accounting online with Xero means bills and receipts are easy to capture and get stored automatically for paperless record keeping.

Run your business from anywhere with the mobile accounting app. It’s easy to reconcile, manage files, access contacts, send quotes and invoices. Xero’s online accounting software means you can set up office wherever you want.


We are comprehensively trained and certified.

ICNZB Certified Bookkeeper R - Black_202

Other Accounting Software Systems

From years of experience with countless accounting software packages, if we have not used your system before, no problem we will quickly learn and adapt.  Much like learning to drive a new car!


Click on the images below to explore some of the more well known small business accounting software. Remember however, there is no perfect accounting software.  They all have their own pro's and con's.  Take the time to really explore and consider which one will met your short, medium and long term goals.  


Our contribution to the world.

When you work with Epiphany Accounting Solutions you can feel good knowing you are helping to make a positive difference in the world.  We donate 3% of our sales to support 3 organisations. Click the icons to discover more about these organisations and the work they do.

Epiphany Accounting solutions in auckland for small business
Epiphany accounting solutions donates to sustainable coast lines

New Zealand – Nature

1% to Sea Shepard NZ

Epiphany accounting solutions donates to the animal kingdom

Globally – The Animal Kingdom

1% to World Wild Life Fund NZ

Epiphany accounting solutions donates to starving children

Urgent – Humanity

1% to Doctors Without Borders and particularly the nutrition programme for starving children.

Join us in making a difference in the world.

Epiphany accounting proffesional services in auckland
Professional accounting services in new zealand

Professional Service

At EAS we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and professional service that you can rely on, with your business success at the forefront of our focus.

Remote working for accounting services in new zealand auckland

Remote Working

Enjoy the benefits of working remotely with EAS while having shared up-to-date access to Zero Accounting Software Cloud Experience.

Free consultation in accounting services in auckland

Free Consultation

EAS offers a free ½ hour discovery session to ensure we are a good fit for your organisation.

Accounting experience services in new zealand

Industry Experience

At EAS you will find a wealth of accounting experience from many years of experience across a number of industries.